Talk to Aggie and inquire about RuneScape

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He gives you a keg filled with rs gold 2007 liguid nitrogen (nitrogen (l) is shown if you place your mause over it). Now use your opponents' arrows on the nitrogen to find steel arrows (f) Right click on the Teleport tablet and select the'split' alternative to teleport into the next floor of the Archer Tower. Now go back into the archery room and use the frozen arrows onto the arow shelves. Make sure you have your ice hockey gloves before you do this. If Peter says GO, utilize your yew logs with the firepit facing you, then use your tinderbox with it. Now use your arrows together with the fire to get 100 fire arrows. Now click on the fire to get them backagain. If you do not have the ice gloves on, you may take 8 damage. Now strike to target from supporting the firepit. Now your competitors can compete. You ought to consume about 60 arrows left though, because you fire quicker than normal in here, so you ought to win. Now go back to the Rangers Guild and talk to this Aror Salesman. He'll congratulate you. Able to input the Tower and use the teleport spell (requires 31 magic and one law rune, 2 fire runes and an air rune) Ability to make fire arrows. To earn fire arrows, light a flame and use any sort of arrows onto it. Monk robe top and bottom. Zamrock robe bottom and top. Runes for super heat item. Head to the prayer guild, speak to some monk there. Ask him what is wrong and he will state a rare occurence is happening in the stars, a message from saradomin. Ask him where it could be seen from and he will state a high stage in the south west, as south-west you can go, the only way to find the saradomin celebrity. Ask him if you are able to go together and the will ask you to talk to the abbot who is at the clock tower. Head to Clock tower and ask to accompany the abbot on his journey, he will tell you of a little issue with the zamrock monks near khazard batttlefield, something must be doen else the monks be ambushed. He'll state that the star must not glow or the gods presents will be destroyed, ask to see his evidence and he'll deny saying onyl his brothers will see it, people that bare the? tatoo. Go back to clock tower and then inform the abbot about the star, he'll dismiss this. Ask about the tatoo and he'll say you will need filthy robes (zamrock or because your character will say"religously filthy") and a fake tatoo he'll provide you a design for a fake tatoo. Try out some sort whitch craft with that. Small Measures. Talk to Aggie and inquire about a tatoo, she will require a layout in mithril, a supply of super warmth within her house to heat the layout. Make a peice of mithril wire and use it to the plan, you will now have? design. Go back to aggie and she'll tell you to super heat the tatoo, once you're ready you'll be branded with cheap RuneScape gold aggie. Your personality suddenly realises its a real tatoo, your prayer is emptied.


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