There's a time and place for RuneScape

mmogrfy | 05 Апрель, 2021 21:48

Ok, this suggestion is quite simple but RS gold I think that it would make a significant difference as far as annoyance is worried. But first let me tell a story: If you haven't done the quest One Small Favor yet there is a part where you must speak to the gnome on wolf mountain. When you speak to him it begins a long conversation about some new kind of rope. The one issue? White wolfs. Right beside the gnome that is level 73 that can auto attack you. Since I had been wearing my trusty full rune I'd have had no difficulty holding off the wolf for the conversation, but because every single time you get assaulted you Loose your conversation screen this was a problem. Thankfully for me was a nice man there who kept killing the wolf for me so I could speak with the gnome. Problem: It's very annoying to be speaking to a guy and then be auto-attacked by a monster and have to start the conversation over. Make it so that you do not loose you talk when a monster attacks you. I believe that it would be very simple to observe a monster attacking you and manually close the box to kill the beast. (I don't actually enjoy this one but it may function ) Make it so you maintain your place in the conversation after you exit. The only way to reset this conversation is to choose a conversation ending thing to state. (ei,"no thanks" or"goodbye") (provided by Sparhawke) Make it so that aggressive monsters can not get near critical quest npcs. I believe this small thing would make game play simpler and less irritating. (These are some concerns that I think could be requested ) Why don't you just kill the monster? Well some conversations (such as the gnome one) are very long and also a monster could re spawn at the time. Aren't monsters attacking you part of the excitement of the pursuit? Nobeing attacked by creatures when you're supposed to be talking is simply annoying. There's a time and place for monsters. I hope that I've made this as clear as possible. If any one can earn a userbar or siggy for this subject it would be most appreciated. Apart from a few quests needing it, the sole purpose of this would be to create your very own house. This home is designed by you to represent your own tastes and needs, and is a testament to your accomplishments. It's someplace that buy RuneScape gold you construct yourself and can enjoy.


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