Rsgoldfast - Once you conquer the guardian

mmogrfy | 12 Апрель, 2021 22:24

"A game determines everything, just because RuneScape gold a person play a match means they're only a bunch of little kids". As a complete, I am a really stupid student at my school, since im taking courses in which I just have no idea how people get much better grades than me, since im slow. . .and believe me take semi-college classes im not a nerd, also im not a retard who doesnt care about schooling, VERY RARELY there are folks like me, who CARES about education and yet not mad about it... if you really hate reading then read the bold part. . K!?! This idea stinks, nonrealistic, make people beggars, and its like betting, make people quit as they lose countless, this give chances to CHEATING, AND the fact that people will get conned. . .really easily. WAY TOO GENERAL!!! Allow me to state this again, wayyyyyyyy too broad no detail no ATTEMPT to make it apparent. The two of you (the original notion poster) and the guy I quoted, assume a lot of. . .you might be saying that I am presuming, but im criticizing, not assuming. Requirements: Any pickaxe, food, and if you'd like the best armor, the capability to kill a lvl 131. From the dungeon, you will find 3 tunnels. Each leads to a vein of a different kind of mineral. One leads to Aluminum, the next to Gold, the last you to Diamond. In each tunnel, you will find monsters that will appear randomly. The more monsters you kill, the longer rocks are going to be in the end of the tunnel. Also, at the conclusion of each tunel there's a guardian you have to conquer. There are no safespots from the tunnels, and magical works best on them. Warriors will have a hard time from the tunnels. Once you conquer the guardian, it will drop a key, which can be used to unlock the door beforehand. This is where the ore is. Depending on the amount of monsters you killed, there will be more stone. The stones can be mined after until they vanish. These special orers can be made into buy old school rs gold armor: Alum Armor, Gold Armor, or Diamond Armor.


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