This seems to be the final runescape armour

mmogrfy | 09 Август, 2021 18:51

Ancient warriors- It only lasts for RuneScape gold an hour before it degrades what a great way to waste 10 million. What's the point the statistics aren't impressive and they're very rare drops. This seems to be the final runescape armour. Rant about Gravestones. Okay, so heres the story that happened maybe fifteen minutes ago. I was woodcutting at Lletya or however you like to call it. I was wearing: Silly Jester outfit from Fremmenik Isles, Firemaking cape Flame gloves, a ring of fire, Inferno adze, Damaged Zamorak book, as well as a Lucky rabbit's foot. My inventory contained logs as well as some money. Also, I had 300 gp. A tiny crystal of elf was available to teleport lleyta. I was running towards llyeta, when i felt like i was going to slow down. But, I was right in front of those level 88 wolves. I lost my connection. I thought, "Oh, I suppose I'll be protected from the wolves, since it's secure for me." However, when I tried to log back in, I was dead! And I started to get scared! My only items in my inventory were my magical logs and my fire-making cape. I requested my friend to come into my world and repair my grave. With only a minute remaining, he fixed my gravestone! It was a relief. As I was putting all my items together... I realized something was wrong when I was putting together all of my items. And I was thinking, "Where in the sam hell is my Inferno Adze!?" I panicked once more! There was nothing under my gravestone! I was so mad that my inferno adze my silly jester stuff and my ring-of-fire and flame gloves were gone! I didn't get it!! What happened to all my quest items and minigame stuff go!? Did they disappear after I accidentally died or log out? My quest items and minigame objects disappear in a flash. So why did my damaged book and buy old school runescape gold the elf crystal also not disappear? What's the solution?


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